Metal Decorative Inks

  • 2 Piece Metal Printing Inks

    For application on dry offset process printing on round can bodies. Suitable for single pass print on bare aluminium or white base coated steel substrate. We carry a wide range of colour match based on customer’s requirements.
  • 3 Piece Conventional Inks

    For wet lithographic process. Suitable for multiple printing passes allowing for many single colours to be printed on base coated tin plates like TFS, aluminium for ends/monoblocs and tubes. Our 3-piece inks were used on aerosols, paint cans, biscuits and candy tins, milk powder cans,battery jackets, toys and household appliances.
  • UV Cured Inks

    Suitable for wet lithographic process printing on flat metal sheets. U.V. inks are suitable for most applications. Available in a myriad colours suitable for 6 and 8 colours printing lines. Our U.V. inks provide good adhesion on substrates with low odour and low migration properties. Specially recommended for use on milk powder cans.